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Worms3 review

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About Worms3

Worms3 is a sequel to the popular strategy game Worms. As in the previous Worms games, players must build teams of worms and try to wipe out all worms of the opposing team.

Worms3 remains true to the classic gameplay of the Worms games, but also brings new features that make playing on the go even more enjoyable. As in the previous games, you also control a team of worms. Your task is to wipe out all worms of the opposing team. For this you have numerous weapons and, since this game, special cards available. In Worms3, you can also put together a team of worms of different "classes". You also have the option to play in both single-player and asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Worms3 - Features:

  • Defeat the enemy worms: Worms3 has the same popular gameplay as its predecessor games. Also in Worms3 you control a team of worms, whose goal is to eliminate all worms of the opposing team. The attacks are turn-based, which means that each player can move and attack one worm per round. For attacks you have numerous weapons such as missiles or bombs available. In Worms3 you will also find many new weapons such as the Black Hole Grenade or Nora's Virus. Another innovation in Worms3 is that you can now use special cards in addition to weapons. These are especially valuable for your strategy, as they change the wind in the game or protect your worms from falling damage, for example.
  • Build your team: Another innovation in Worms3 is that you can build your team from worms of different "classes". There are worms of the classes Heavy, Scientists, Scout or Soldier available, which all have special abilities.
  • Single Player vs. Multiplayer: You can play Worms3 either in single player mode or in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows you to play either with players on one device or online against players from all around the world. A special feature of Worms3 is that the multiplayer mode is a so-called "asynchronous multiplayer". This means that the moves of the players are delayed. After each move, the player must leave the game, only then can the other player look at the move and react to it. This multiplayer mode allows a thrilling multiplayer duel, especially when you're on the go or only have little time.

Conclusion: Worms3 is a successful sequel of the popular Worms games. The new part convinces above all by the combination of classic gameplay and new features such as the new worm classes.

5 of 5 Graphics & Sound
4 of 5 Controlling
5 of 5 Gameplay
4 of 5 Lasting Appeal


Rating: 4.0
Number of voters: 4462
Minimum iOS Version: 8.0
App Version: 1.24
App Size: 349 MB
Release: 2013-08-08
Sold by: Team17 Software, Limited
Features: iosUniversal
Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, RU, ES, TR
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