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Wonderputt review

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About Wonderputt

Wonderputt is a mini golf game for smartphones and tablets, where players can play golf in spectacular locations. The course of the mobile game are characterized by a varied and constantly changing landscape.

In Wonderputt you can prove your skills as a minigolf player. On the interactive courses you have to master 18 holes successfully. Most of the courses run through a varied and colorful landscape where a few surprises await you. Thanks to the simple controls and the new zoom feature of the game, you can also make precise strokes on your smartphone or tablet. The game calculates how many strokes are intended for a course. If you manage to stay under the target of the course, you will receive extra points. The game also gives you the opportunity to test your skills in 16 challenges and compare your performance with other players from around the world.

Wonderputt - Features:

  • Play golf on varied courses: Wonderputt is a varied and colorful mini golf game. You do not play on a dull golf course, but on a large and especially colorful terrain that is reminiscent of its structure to a floating island with multiple platforms. Your goal is to handle all 18 holes. Once you have completed a course, a new course appears that you can start immediately. In Wonderputt you will experience varied landscapes: For example, you play on ski slopes, on rivers or in a sand pit.
  • Precise strokes: Wonderputt has a simple control that has been optimally adapted to the touch operation of a smartphone or tablet. All actions can be performed by simply tapping or dragging on the screen. The game also has a new zoom feature that makes it easier for you to perform precise or particularly complicated strokes.
  • Make a "bird": As in real Golf, the game gives you a certain number of strokes for each course. Your goal should be to achieve this goal. If you manage to stay below the target you will achieve a so-called "bird". Terms such as "birdie", "eagle" or "albatross" indicate how many strokes you have stayed below the target. If you score one of these birds, you will receive valuable extra points.
  • Prove your skills: Wonderputt offers you 16 exciting challenges in which you have to prove your skills as a minigolf player. The game also has three leaderboards where you can compare your achievements to those of other players from around the world.

Conclusion: Wonderputt offers you a varied and colorful mini golf experience.

4 of 5 Graphics & Sound
4 of 5 Controlling
4 of 5 Gameplay
4 of 5 Lasting Appeal


Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 725
Minimum iOS Version: 8.0
App Version: 1.1.2
App Size: 37.1 MB
Release: 2012-09-13
Sold by: Damp Gnat Ltd
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: EN
Sorry, no android data available
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