Swiss Map Mobile

Swiss Map Mobile

Andreas Garzotto GmbH
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Swiss Map Mobile
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Swiss Map Mobile review

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About Swiss Map Mobile

With the Swiss Map Mobile app, users can access extensive maps of Switzerland. The app provides maps in various scales as well as hiking, biking or ski routes.

Swiss Map Mobile provides you with a wide range of maps, with which you can always find your way in Switzerland. The maps can be retrieved in different scales. The scales range from 1: 10,000 to 1: 1 million. A particularly useful feature of the app is that in addition to conventional topographic maps also special maps are available on which, for example, hiking routes, bicycle routes or ski routes are shown. Swiss Map Mobile also has a position indicator and a Moving Map feature with which you can always determine your exact position.

Swiss Map Mobile - Features:

  • Access a large map material: Swiss Map Mobile provides you with numerous maps that help you find your way around Switzerland. The individual cards can be displayed at different scales. For example, scales like 1:10 000, 1: 100 000 or 1: 1 million are possible. You can switch between the scales as you like.
  • Enjoy numerous functions: The app convinces with many practical functions that will make the handling of the cards considerably easier. For example, you can continuously zoom in between overview maps and topographic maps with many details. If you want to find a specific place on the map, simply enter the name of the place, mountain or river. Within a few seconds you will see the place you are looking for on the map. The app also has a position indicator that reliably determines your location. When you combine the position indicator with the app's Moving Map feature, you always know where you are at the moment.
  • Many maps available: In addition to conventional topographic maps, Swiss Map Mobile also offers more specialized maps. You can also access hiking, cycling or ski routes in the app. All hobby or professional pilots also have access to the Aeronautical Chart ICAO or various Glider Charts.

Conclusion: Swiss Map Mobile gives you a good overview of Switzerland. With the help of the extensive map material, you will not only find your way, but also plan upcoming trips or trips optimally.

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Swiss Map Mobile
Swiss Map Mobile
Swiss Map Mobile
Swiss Map Mobile
Swiss Map Mobile
Rating: 2.5
Number of voters: 30
Minimum iOS Version: 8.0
App Version: 5.40
App Size: 51.6 MB
Release: 2009-07-10
Sold by: Andreas Garzotto GmbH
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: EN, FR, DE, IT
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