Sonic Runners Adventure

Sonic Runners Adventure

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Sonic Runners Adventure
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Sonic Runners Adventure review

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About Sonic Runners Adventure

Sonic Runners Adventure is a runner game that plays in the Sonic Universe. In the role of Sonic you run, jump and fly through exciting and varied platform levels.

In Sonic Runners Adventure you'll experience a fast-paced runner game in the Sonic Universe. You jump, run and fly at sonic speed through varied platform levels. Your mission is clear: you want to save the sonic universe from the evil Dr. Eggman. To do this you must defeat the villain and his accomplices in four different locations. In order to fulfill your mission, you can not only use Sonic, but also rely on the help of other well-known Sonic characters. In each level you also have to collect coins, with which you can buy, for example, upgrades or power-ups. Experience rapid sonic speed in over 50 spectacular levels.

Sonic Runners Adventures - Features:

  • Run, jump, fly: As you would expect from Sonic games, Sonic Runners Adventures is all about platform levels at breakneck speed. You play the beloved blue hedgehog Sonic, who is especially good at one thing: sprinting. You run, sprint and jump through the colorful and varied levels, motivated to fulfill your mission: you have to protect the Sonic universe from the evil Dr. Eggman and his accomplices. To do this you must defeat the villain in four different locations. Avoid all obstacles, attack your opponents and defeat Dr. Eggman in the boss battles.
  • Activate characters: In Sonic Runners Adventures, you'll find not only the blue hedgehog Sonic but also other popular characters from the Sonic Universe. During the game you can unlock e.g. Tails, Knuckles or Shadow. These can help you in different levels. Combine the unique abilities of each character and complete the sometimes tricky levels even faster.
  • Easy touch control: Sonic Runners Adventures has a very simple control that you understand in seconds. If you tap on the screen, Sonic jumps. If you type several times, Sonic performs special double jumps.
  • Collect coins: As you already know from Sonic games, you have to collect coins in Sonic Runners Adventures. You can buy upgrades or power-ups with these coins.

Conclusion: Anyone who was already a fan of the Sonic games, will love Sonic Runners Adventure

4 of 5 Graphics & Sound
4 of 5 Controlling
5 of 5 Gameplay
5 of 5 Lasting Appeal


Sonic Runners Adventure
Sonic Runners Adventure
Sonic Runners Adventure
Sonic Runners Adventure
Sonic Runners Adventure
Sonic Runners Adventure
Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 6279
Minimum iOS Version: 8.0
App Version: 1.0.1
App Size: 35.3 MB
Release: 2017-12-20
Sold by: Gameloft
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: AR, EN, FR, DE, IT, KO, PL, PT, RU, ZH, ES, TH, ZH, TR, VI
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