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Daniel Lulic
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About QR Code Scanner

By using QR Code Scanner users can decode different codes and receive information like web pages, telephone numbers or also addresses like that.

With the help of QR Code Scanner you cannot only decode QR codes but also e.g. barcodes easily. The detection of QR codes and other codes works automatically. Just aim the camera of your smartphone or tablet on the code. As soon as the app detected the code, QR Scanner decodes it. The QR Codes usually forward you to webpages, but can also contain e.g. other information like telephone numbers, addresses or further texts.

QR Code Scanner – how does it work?

  • Automatic and quick detection of codes: By using QR Code Scanner you can decode codes like QR codes or barcodes easily and quickly. The detection of the codes passes off easily: Just aim the camera of your smartphone or tablet on the code and the app does the rest. You don’t even have to take a photo or press any button in order to decode the button, the detection runs automatically. As soon as the app decoded the code, you receive the coded information. The app e.g. forwards you to web pages or you obtain information about hidden telephone numbers, addresses or texts.
  • History: All your scans are automatically saved in your history. Like that you always keep an eye on all your search results and easily and quickly find earlier queries again.

What are QR codes?

  • QR – Quick Response: A QR Code is a two-dimensional code with which information like web pages, addresses, texts or telephone numbers can be encrypted. In contrast to barcodes, QR codes consist of a vertical and a horizontal dimension. Information is not presented as lines and bars but as pixels, the so called QR Code modules. QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response.

Conclusion: Since more and more companies work with QR codes and use them for their dissemination of information, QR code scanner is an absolute must on every smartphone or tablet. QR codes can be decoded easily and quickly with the help of this app. Besides not only QR codes, but also more than 15 code types e.g. barcodes can be scanned.

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QR Code Scanner ·
QR Code Scanner ·
Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 21
Minimum iOS Version: 8.0
App Version: 1.2.4
App Size: 19.6 MB
Release: 2017-02-08
Sold by: Daniel Lulic
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, ES
Sorry, no android data available
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