Peak - Brain Training

Peak - Brain Training

Brainbow Limited
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Peak - Brain Training
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Peak - Brain Training review

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About Peak - Brain Training

With Peak - Brain Training, users can playfully challenge and improve their cognitive abilities. A total of 40 different games are available, which were developed by neuroscientists.

With Peak Brain Training, you can train numerous cognitive abilities. The 40 different games which were developed by neuroscientists, game experts and cognitive scientists, train e.g. your memory, your coordination or your creativity. You also have access to the so-called "couch", which selects individualized training sessions for you and tracks your personal achievements and progress. In addition to games that challenge your brain, there are also numerous games available which are designed to relax your brain.

Peak Brain Training: Functions

  • Challenge Your Brain: In Peak - Brain Training, you'll find a total of 40 different games designed to challenge and train your cognitive abilities. Since all games have been developed by renowned cognitive scientists and neuroscientists, an effective training of the brain can be achieved. The games challenge e.g. your problem solving, your memory, or your coordination skills.
  • Your personal trainer: A special aspect of the app is your personal trainer "couch", which individually selects games that are tailored to your performance and strengths. So you can be sure that all cognitive abilities are optimally challenged and trained. The coach also keeps track of your achievements and progress, so that you always know which areas you still need to train.
  • Games for every situation: The app provides many games that are optimally adapted to specific situations and time slots. For example, the special training “coffee break” trains your brain optimally in a short space of time.
  • Relax your brain: After challenging your brain with numerous games and trainings, you'll also find plenty of relaxation exercises in the app that help your brain to relax.
  • Play with your friends: Even though you cannot solve the games together with your friends, you can compare your achievements with them. Take a look at your brainmap and see who has achieved the better game performance so far.

Conclusion: Peak - Brain Training is a playful way to challenge and improve your cognitive abilities. Since all games have been developed by renowned neuroscientists, all training sessions are particularly effective.

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Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Peak - Brain Training
Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 45955
Minimum iOS Version: 10.0
App Version: 4.7
App Size: 254 MB
Release: 2014-09-01
Sold by: Brainbow Limited
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: DA, NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, NB, PT, ZH, ES, SV, ZH
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