HeartWatch. Heart & Activity

HeartWatch. Heart & Activity

Health & Fitness
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HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
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HeartWatch. Heart & Activity review

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About HeartWatch

With the help of the app HeartWatch, users can always keep an eye on their heart rate. The app provides a good overview of all data captured by the Apple Watch during the day.

HeartWatch not only measures your heart activities, but also evaluates them directly. This means that you always have a good overview of all data and their meaning for you. The app gets its data from your Apple Watch, which continuously captures your heart rate. The app shows you the meaning of the measured values for you with the aid of diagrams and different color codes. For example, different colors indicate whether you have reached or even exceeded a certain value. With HeartWatch you can monitor your heart rate not only in your normal phase, but also in your training or sleeping phase.

HeartWatch - Features:

  • Get a good overview: HeartWatch gives you a good and, above all, easy to understand overview of all heart activities that were captured during the day. The app gets its data from your Apple Watch, which continuously measures your heart rate. While the Apple Watch is responsible for collecting and measuring the data, HeartWatch takes care of the evaluation of the data. In the app you see clearly, which values you have reached during the day, how high your average value was or when you reached your lowest or highest value. The data is usually presented to you in the form of diagrams and in different colors. For example, different colors indicate whether you have exceeded or reached a certain value.
  • Train effectively: HeartWatch monitors not only your normal phases, but also your training phases. Here, for example, the app shows you how much time you spent in different training zones. This is especially important for you, since different heart rates favor different training effects. Based on your values, you always know whether you've been increasing your fitness or burning fat during your workout.
  • Monitor your sleep: HeartWatch also captures the heart activity during your sleep phase and evaluates the measured data for you. Monitoring your sleep behavior can be useful, because good sleep is important for you and your heart.

Conclusion: HeartWatch is a clear recommendation for all users of an Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch only measures values and does not evaluate them, the app is an ideal addition. All data are presented understandable and clear, so you have a quick overview of your heart activities.

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HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
Rating: 4.5
Number of voters: 1813
Minimum iOS Version: 10.0
App Version: 3.5.2
App Size: 17.3 MB
Release: 2015-12-07
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, ES
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