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Google Slides

Google, Inc.
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Google Slides
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Google Slides review

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About Google Slides

By using Google Slides users can use their smartphone or tablet to create and edit presentations.

Google Slides offers you the possibility to create presentations, access already created presentations and edit them, also when you’re on the move. Create creative and appealing presentations, add slides and share your presentations with others. Be flexible and work efficiently, no matter where you are.

Google Slides – features:

  • Work on presentations anywhere: By using Google Slides you can create and edit presentations with your smartphone or tablet. Like that you can also access your files on the move. Besides Google Slides offers you the possibility to work flexibly: Work on your presentations, no matter where you are right now. You can also create and edit presentations offline.
  • Share your presentations: Share your presentations with others and work efficiently with others together. To guarantee a better communication, you can also comment single slides or answer directly to comments of the others. This allows you even a more time-saving and more productive working.
  • Automatic storage: To make sure that none of your presentations get lost, Google Slides saves your editing automatically during the input.
  • Work with PowerPoint: By dint of Google Slides you can also work easily with PowerPoint presentations. You can easily open, edit and save presentations which were created with PowerPoint.

Conclusion: Google Slides allows you a productive and flexible working with presentations. You can easily create presentations, edit already created presentations or work with others together, also when you’re on the move. Even working with PowerPoint presentations is possible by dint of this app.

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Google Slides
Google Slides
Google Slides
Google Slides
Google Slides
Rating: 4.0
Number of voters: 10363
Minimum iOS Version: 9.0
App Version: 1.2017.32203
App Size: 234 MB
Release: 2014-08-26
Sold by: Google, Inc.
Features: iosUniversal
Languages: AF, SQ, AM, AR, HY, AZ, EU, BE, BN, BG, KM, CA, ZH, HR, CS, DA, NL, EN, ET, FI, FR, GL, KA, DE, EL, GU, HE, HI, HU, IS, ID, IT, JA, KN, KK, KO, LO, LV, LT, MS, ML, MR, MN, NE, NO, NB, FA, PL, PT, PA, RO, RU, SR, ZH, SI, SK, SL, ES, SW, SV, TA, TE, TH, ZH, TR, UK, UR, VI, ZU
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