F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure Corporation
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F-Secure SAFE
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F-Secure SAFE review

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About F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE effectively protects smartphones and tablets against viruses and ensures the protection of personal data on the Internet.

With F-Secure SAFE your device is safe from viruses, spyware or hacker attacks. The app effectively protects your device against viruses, Trojans or spyware and offers you also an optimal protection against malware and phishing sites. Like this, you make sure that no third party gets your personal data. The app also has a special finder feature that helps to protect your data in the event of loss or theft of your phone. In addition, you can locate the lost device via the app.

F-Secure SAFE - Features:

  • Protect yourself against viruses: With the help of F-Secure SAFE you can effectively protect your device against viruses, Trojans or spyware, which want to steal your personal data. If you have the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can be sure that no one else can access personal information, such as bank details or addresses.
  • Ensure security on the Internet: The app has a special browser protection, which makes surfing the Internet very safe. F-Secure SAFE does not only provide optimal protection against malware or phishing websites, it also checks every banking site you visit for security. If security gaps are detected on the website, the app warns you immediately so that you can respond directly.
  • Find your device: If you lose your smartphone or tablet if someone steals your device, the Finder feature of the app can help you enormously. This feature blocks the access to the device directly so that no third party can access the data on the device. In addition, all data on the smartphone or tablet including the memory card will be deleted immediately. Since the app also has an integrated location service, your lost device can be located within a few seconds.
  • Protect your children from dangerous content: To protect not only you, but also your children from possible Internet threats, the app is equipped with a special internet protection for your children. This protects, for example, the Internet activity of your children and filters websites for age-appropriate content. In addition, individual time limits can be set for your children.

Conclusion: F-Secure SAFE offers you optimal protection for your smartphone or tablet. The app does not only protect your device against viruses, but also against malware or phishing websites.

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F-Secure SAFE
F-Secure SAFE
F-Secure SAFE
Rating: 4.0
Number of voters: 142
Minimum iOS Version: 9.0
App Version: 17.0.234501
App Size: 17 MB
Release: 2012-12-12
Sold by: F-Secure Corporation
Features: iosUniversal
Advisories: Unrestricted Web Access
Languages: ZH, DA, NL, EN, FI, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, LT, NO, PL, PT, RU, ES, SV, VI
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