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Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net

Finanzen.net GmbH
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Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
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Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net review

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About finanzen.net

With finanzen.net users can be informed quickly and reliably about all important financial news, share and market prices and price changes of their shares.

By using finanzen.net you are always well informed about important financial news and share prices. With the help of the app you bear all real-time rates like DAX, gold and silver price or the euro-dollar exchange rate in mind. Furthermore the app informs you about price changes of your shares or about breaking news via push messages. Like that you are always well informed, also when you’re on the move.net free of charge from our web page.

finanzen.net – features:

  • Well informed about exchange and finances: With finanzen.net you always stay up to date. The app informs you reliably and quickly about all important financial news, notifies you about important price changes and gives you current information about real-time rates from shares, raw materials or indices. Like that you are not only well informed about DAX or Nasdaq but also about gold and silver prices or the euro-dollar exchange rate. Finanzen.net provides current share prices and charts to all shares, which can be traded in Germany.
  • Push-messages: finanzen.net notifies you quickly about price changes of your shares or about important financial news in order that you never miss something. The app also informs you about the DAX opening each morning via push message.
  • Manage your shares: Since the app can be linked with your account from the finanzen.net web page, you can easily manage your shares and market values also in the app. In order to use the watchlist and depot function of the app, a registration is not needed. Because of that, your finances stay one hundred percent anonymous.
  • All exchanges: finanzen.net does not only inform you about share and market prices from German exchanges but also from almost one hundred stock exchanges worldwide. The app does not only provide current market reports from DAX or TecDAX but also from DowJones or Nasdaq.

Conclusion: finanzen.net is the optimal solution for everyone who always wants to be well informed about all important financial news. With the help of the app you not only bear the current market and share prices from international stock exchanges in mind but also get informed about price changes of your shares in real time. The app helps you reliably to manage your shares and your market values and allows you a prompt intervention as soon as price changes appear.net for free.

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Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Börse & Aktien - finanzen.net
Rating: 3.5
Number of voters: 81
Minimum iOS Version: 8.0
App Version: 4.5.2
App Size: 86.4 MB
Release: 2008-11-21
Sold by: Finanzen.net GmbH
Languages: DE
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